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Jaspi YPV40 Wood Boiler

Jaspi YPV40 Wood Boiler
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Brand:  Jaspi

Weight:  270 kg



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YPV40 Pressurised system installation

YPV40 + Gas boiler + Accumulator

JASPI YPV 40 - Is a traditional, powerful wood boiler which can be used with a wide range of materials; wood, coal, cardboard and many more. It has been designed to work without electricity and all the safety devices are mechanical.

Due to it's robust construction, simple operation and easy cleaning, Jaspi YPV40 is popular in farms, industrial installations and rural properties.


YPV 40 is an upper combustion wood boiler designed for high burning temperatures. It has an internal 80 litre water tank and the boiler must always be connected to the thermal storage tank. The boiler is also equipped with an internal cooling coil to prevent overheating.

The boiler is equipped with a large feed hatch, cleaning and maintenance access is on the front which makes the everyday use and maintenance of the boiler simple and fast.

All the fire surfaces can be cleaned easily, ashes can be removed with a cleaning set and ash pan included in the standard delivery. A large burning chamber accepts logs up to 50cm in length, which means less fill-ups through the burning cycle.

Thanks to the optimized burning technique, the boiler cleaning frequency is also reduced. Patented combustion air deflectors, a key for more efficient burning, are installed in the burning chamber.


Due to it's power, YPV40 boiler must always be connected to a thermal store / accumulator. Recommended size is between 1000 - 2500L.

A heat charging package is installed between the YPV40 boiler and the thermal store keeping the boiler at the correct running temperature. This keeps the fire surfaces cleaner and prevents the condensation inside the boiler.


Jaspi TSK is a mechanical boiling preventer valve and is connected between the mains cold water supply and the boilers cooling coil. This valve is included in a standard delivery.

Boiler also comes with a thermostatic air regulator with opens and closes the air supply to the burning chamber according to the boiler water temperature. A mechanical temperature and pressure gauge is also included in a delivery.

Possible back-up immersion heaters are fitted to the thermal tank.

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