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Akva Solar 2500

Akva Solar 2500
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Brand:  Akvaterm

Weight:  390 kg



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The powerful AKVA SOLAR Hybrid accumulator is designed for systems where solar thermal panels can produce a large part of the heat required.

These accumulators are pre-fitted with three indirect coils; Two for domestic hot water (preheating & main) and one powerful coil for the input from the solar panels.

Twin domestic hot water coil configuration captures all the available heat and allows the system to work on lower temperatures whilst still supplying ample amount of domestic hot water. This is further aided by the baffle plate 2/3 up the tank as the top hot water coil is in the warmest part of the accumulator.

In addition to the solar input, the accumulator can be connected to several other heat sources through multiple couplings across the tank. This makes AKVA SOLAR powerful, flexible and future proof like no other accumulator.


As all the Akvaterm accumulators, Akva Solar is fitted with new seamless high quality closed cell polyurethane insulation which offers ultra low heat heat loss and reduced overall diameter. Models up to 2000L are manufactured under Ecodesign regulation 814/2013/EU and they bear a CE-marking.


In addition to the solar connection, there are 6 couplings for the heat flow/return, 5 thermometer/sensor couplings, a thermostat coupling and airing + drain points.

Furthermore, there are 2 or 3 (depending on the store size) immersion heater couplings which can also be used for direct heating connections if needed.



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