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Akva Geo Solar 5000

Akva Geo Solar 5000
 Akva Geo Solar 5000Akva Geo Solar 5000 
Our Price:  £9,445.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£7,870.83 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Akvaterm

Weight:  640 kg



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AKVA GEO SOLAR 300 - 5000L

Akva Geo Solar Hybrid accumulator is particularly suitable and designed for modern heating systems with multiple heat inputs like a heat pump and solar panels.

These accumulators are fitted with three indirect coils; Two are used for the domestic hot water, one at the lower part of the tank is for pre-heating and the second coil located above the internal baffle plate is for superheating the water before it leaves to your taps and showers. Both of these coils can work at the mains water pressure up to 10 bar.

Twin domestic hot water coil configuration captures all the available heat and allows the system to work on lower temperatures whilst still supplying ample amount of domestic hot water. This again is an advantage when the system runs with solar and heat pump.

The third coil is a powerful copper coil for connecting solar panels. The location of this coil is optimal, next to the DHW pre-heating coil at the lower part of the accumulator.

As well as connecting to heat pumps and solar, Akva Geo Solar accumulators have more external connections than any other Akvaterm store. Therefore it can be connected to multiple other heat sources now and in a future.

Akva Geo Solar is an ultimate accumulator for the properties where a fully automated and reliable heating system is required. A heat pump will work independently as a main heat source, solar panels are also fully automatic and can provide all or most of the heat in the summertime and as the accumulator can also be fitted with two or even three immersion heaters, they will provide back-up and boost when needed. Efficient, reliable and service free.


As all the Akvaterm accumulators, Akva Geo Solar is fitted with new seamless high quality closed cell polyurethane insulation which offers ultra low heat heat loss and reduced overall diameter. Models up to 2000L are manufactured under Ecodesign regulation 814/2013/EU and they bear a CE-marking.


Akva Geo Solar has more connection points than any other Akvaterm accumulator; 10 couplings for the heating flow/return, 6 thermometer/sensor couplings, 2 for thermostats and also 1" airing + drain points.

Furthermore, there are 2 or 3 immersion heater connections which can also be used for heating flow / return if required.


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