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Akva EK 1000 accumulator

Akva EK 1000 accumulator
Akva EK 1000 accumulatorAkva EK 1000 accumulatorAkva EK 1000 accumulator
Our Price:  £1,984.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£1,653.33 Exc. VAT)
1 x additional LK35 Coil:  
1 x LK40 standard coil upgrade:  
2 x LK40 coil upgrade:  

Weight:  240kg



In stock, factory direct delivery



The customisable AKVA EK accumulator tank is available in standard capacities from 300 to 5000 litres.
On special order, we can supply this store in capacities up to 10 000 litre.
The pressure class is 1.5bar and the new high efficiency seamless closed cell polyurethane is 100mm thick.

One LK35 (22mm) domestic hot water coil is fitted as standard to the upper hatch of the tank.
A second or larger coils can also be added, this is particularly useful when the domestic hot water demand is high or a solar heating is added to the system.
Coils can also be retrofitted.

The accumulator has two 2" connections for electric immersion heaters and internal guide pipes to ensure good heat layering inside the tank.

All connections are extended close to the tank surface for easy installation.

Special extra large coils are also available, please contact us for further information.


AKVA EK accumulators are ideal for use in systems with oil/gas, wood and pellet boilers.
The optional electric immersion heaters can provide heating back up and will also accommodate the connection for solar PV panels.

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