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Termovar Heat Loading Valves

  Reliable mechanical valves designed to extend the service life of your solid fuel boiler.
These valves will divert the heat at a set temperature to improve the efficiency of the boiler or solar thermal system.



Three-way brass or cast iron thermostatic loading valves for boilers and thermal storage systems


TERMOVAR is a versatile three-way thermostatic loading valve for various heating systems. TERMOVAR works independently and without power. It can also be used for solar and thermal storage applications.

The Termovar loading valve ensures a correct working temperature when the boiler is in use. The high water return temperature enables better burning and higher efficiency, preventing carbon deposits and condensation. The loading valve helps to extend the heating boilers service life. Valve can also be used to ensure a more efficient thermal layering in a thermal storage tank by opening the flow to the lower part of the tank only when the top has reached the set thermostat temperature.

The Termovar loading valve can be easily reversed when it is installed on the left-hand side of the burner. The thermostat can be rotated to operate any one of the three ports in the valve body.  All our stocked Termovar loading valves have female threads and are available with opening temperatures of 61 °C, 72 °C, or 80 °C. Replacement thermostats are also available for 45°C and 55°C opening temperatures.

Thermostatic loading valves model information

HPAC Code Product no. Item Rp
4367143 4325 Termovar 25 61° brass 1"
4367144 4332 Termovar 32 61° brass 11/4"
4367145 4340 Termovar 40 61°cast iron 11/2"
4367146 4350 Termovar 50 61° cast iron 2"
4367153 4425 Termovar 25 72° brass 1"
4367154 4432 Termovar 32 72° brass 11/4"
4367155 4440 Termovar 40 72° cast iron 11/2"
4367156 4450 Termovar 50 72° cast iron 2"
4367163 4525 Termovar 32 80° brass 1"
4367164 4532 Termovar 32 80° brass 11/4"
4367165 4540 Termovar 40 80° cast iron 11/2"
4367166 4550 Termovar 50 80° cast iron 2"

Termovar Thermostatic Loading Valves Cast Iron & Brass

Cast Iron Loading Valves

Termovar loading valves cast iron GBP
Termovar loading valves cast iron EUR

Brass Loading Valves

Termovar loading valves brass GBP
Termovar loading valves brass GBP

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Replacement thermostat info    

Replacement thermostats

Thermostats for Termovar loading valve Cast Iron GBP
Thermostats for Termovar loading valve Cast Iron EUR
Thermostats for Termovar loading valve Brass GBP
Thermostats for Termovar loading valve Brass EUR

Installation info

All of our products are delivered with comprehensive installation instructions.

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