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Jaspi Thermostore 3000

Jaspi Thermostore 3000
Our Price:  £2,735.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£2,279.17 Exc. VAT)
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Brand:  Jaspi

Weight:  430kg



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High performance thermal stores

Impressive in size and thermal qualities. ThermoStore round accumulators are designed to handle any heating load and multiple connections.

Domestic hot water is heated by demand with a high-efficiency Stainless Steel Coil running on a mains pressure up to 10bar. If the hot water demand is a particular high, or the tank has a lower running temperature (solar, heat pumps) the ThermoStore can be equipped with a second, DHW pre-heating coil. This can also be easily added to the system later on for example if the number of bathrooms is increasing or an annex is built.

ThermoStore tanks can supply several separate heating circuits. This is particularly useful when an additional living space is built or when the user wants to have full control over different parts of the building or a garage / office space.

In district heating applications ThermoStore is the 'hub' of the heating system. Heating to several flats, offices or industrial units can be supplied from a single point, meaning that only one or two heat sources are needed and the system can be easily maintained and managed.
This offers substantial savings over the traditional heating system where all the units have their own heating system/boilers. This leads to lower installation and maintenance costs with an added benefit of future expandability. 

Solar heating is connected via an optional solar coil at the lowest part of the store. This can also be added on at a later stage without changing or moving the tank.

Additional information

ThermoStore tanks are supplied with one 22mm Stainless Steel coil (78kW@80°C) as standard. This coil is fitted onto the highest coil position near the top of the store.

Optional middle coil, 2/3 down on the tank, is often used for domestic hot water pre-heating or wood stoves etc. This and the included top coil is fitted with a flange and can be easily retrofitted or changed.

Lowest coil, normally used for solar, is fitted from inside the tank which is usually done at the factory. It can also be added later on but requires slightly more installation work.

2000 & 3000L ThermoStores can have coils from 22mm to 1½" (38mm), the largest ThermoStore 3000 can have all the above and also the most powerful 50mm 2" coils up to the power of 470kW. Larger coils are special order items, please contact us for further details.

ThermoStore tanks are delivered with a lifting hook that can be fitted to the 1" coupling on top of the store.