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Jaspi Comfort Mono 8kW Air to water heat pump

Jaspi Comfort Mono 8kW Air to water heat pump
 Jaspi Comfort Mono 8kW Air to water heat pumpJaspi Comfort Mono 8kW Air to water heat pump 
Our Price:  £5,926.00(Inc. 20% VAT)(£4,938.33 Exc. VAT)

Brand:  Jaspi

Weight:  90 kg



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Heat pump + Oil boiler installation

Heat pump + Oil boiler + Water heater installation

Heat pump + Thermal store installation



An air source heat pump makes heating your home and hot water much cheaper. You can reduce your heating costs by up
to 60%, although the exact figure depends on several factors such as where you live, the size of your house and the fuel you are replacing.
The initial investment is relatively low since an air source heat pump, unlike a ground source heat pump, does not require any drilling and most of the time, no planning permission.

A Jaspi air source heat pump is up to three times more efficient than a boiler. With conventional oil and gas boilers, 1 kWh of input energy provides less than 1 kWh of output energy. Using a Jaspi air source heat pump every 1 kWh of input energy is converted into a 3-4 kWh of output energy. There is no escaping the obvious conclusion – a heat pump is the absolute best way to get low cost heating and hot water.


These heavy-duty air to water heat pumps combine the latest compressor technology, smart controls and ease of installation.

They can be installed directly to the radiator circuits or thermal stores, no need to handle refrigerant or install external heat exchangers.

These pumps are designed to work at Nordic temperatures with high efficiency and reliability. Lower running noise and intuitive control panel are a further evidence of the quality.

EFFICIENCY - Compressor control
High efficiency at low ambient temperatures. The compressor is operated and controlled in such a way as to be efficient even at low ambient temperatures.

QUALITY - Hard-wearing materials
The JASPI heat pumps are constructed using particularly hard-wearing materials to guarantee long service life even in harsh outdoor conditions.

POWER - Low start-up current
Prevents interference with other electronic devices. Jaspi Comfort has an inverter-driven compressor for a low start-up current. The slow start-up and gradual move up to required capacity prevents interference with other electronic devices in the building.

COMFORT - Fan motor and blade
Driven by an energy-saving motor, the fan’s speed varies so only the required amount of air is used. The blades are specially designed to move as much air as possible at the lowest noise level.



Max outgoing heating water temperature 58 °C
Refrigerant quantity (R410A) 2.55 / 2.9 kg
Height (incl. feet) 900 / 995 mm
Width 1025 / 1145 mm
Depth 420 / 450 mm
Weight 90 / 105 kg

Delivery includes; Jaspi Comfort Heat Pump, MCU heat pump control centre, ground installation bracket, motorised valve & condense discharge pipe.


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